Spoken English Course

Whether you are a professional, a business person, or a student, your English communication skills must be flawless. Your personality can be reinvented and recreated using the spoken English abilities you gain on the Swift English Academy classes. We have categorised our classes and courses according to your knowledge level like,

Foundation Batch

In this course we aim to help improving communication skill and conversation skill for a beginner or those who have no fluency in English. Our trainer will help you in developing your reading, writing, listening, and English-speaking abilities. Our highly talented teachers put effort and work to increase your confidence:

Foundation batch at a glance

  • Train your brain to think in English.
  • Confidence building is the cornerstone of this course.
  • Practice of common expressions used in daily life.
  • Hit your weakness from all sides.
  • Better exposure of frequently used phrases and idioms
  • Conversation practice
  • Timely evaluation is made to assess progress
  • Proper training is given to use English


Intermediate Batch

The course is intended for students who have an intermediate level and basic foundation in English already. Our experienced trainers aim to ensure better exposure of standard English which uproot your wrong usages and errors. You can avoid the awkward situations of becoming a laughing stock before others due to halting English.

Salient Features of Intermediate Course

  • You will gain the ability to communicate and think fluently in the English language.
  • Be able to comprehend spoken English more clearly.
  • Will increase your vocabulary and communicative skills significantly.
  • Get rid of your hesitation and gain your confidence in speaking English
  • We will make it sure that students are capable in using language
  • Special care is given to students to attend interviews


Advanced Batch

The programme is intended for students who are fluent in English to some extent but encounter obstacles because of anxiety and lack of confidence. You can build your own sentence structures with incredible clarity in grammar and other.

Highlights of Advanced Batch

  • Will help you bring out your complete level of English fluency
  • Your level of English will reach to advanced level with deep knowledge in Grammar and
  • vocabulary.
  • Flexible classes like online and offline available for you.
  • Timely evaluation is made to assess progress
  • Proper training is given to use grammatically perfect lines in practical and official life.