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Swift English Academy

How long have you been cherishing the dream of mastering English language? How long have you been weary with all your probability to be good in shaping the ever-changing sphere of life, fitting you with novel skills and flairs? If so long, then you are at the right destination. Fluency in English is a crucial skill that can propel you to greater success in all walks of life. In Schools and colleges, we deal with English only as a subject. Swift fits you with the skill of English & communication that will get you into a brilliant horizon of spectacular opportunities.

Now why delay? Ignite that ever-cherished dream of speaking English as naturally as a flower blooms. Experience our innovative technique of brain-friendly learning and be comfortable and enjoy each moment with us. Yes, for sure it's a unique experience that leads aspirants to speak English confidently. Our Eminent team of expert faculties constantly monitor each student individually until they acquire the desired results. We introduce some secret smart codes which can cast an indelible mark in your brain.


Why Swift English Academy ?

Higher education standards of Kerala alone do not guarantee proficiency in English language skill. The poor English communication skills among an extensive majority of students and job aspirants of Kerala attest to the fact. Even highly educated professionals try to evade the circumstances when they are in need to speak in English. Why is it that Keralites are afraid of speaking English or pronouncing words well? Answer to this crucial question lies in seeking the right place. At this juncture, we offer unique coaching in Spoken English and enable the aspirant to Speak English confidently. In Short, our full-fledged course takes the aspirant to the magical world of Spoken English. And the aspirant's quest for a best platform in Spoken English ends here.

Dear aspirants, there are no unconquerable obstacles. If the quest of your heart is set upon mastering English communication effectively, it's the prime investment. The horizon is yours. Fly high with your strong wings.

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Highly passionate trainers

Our greatest strength is highly qualified, fluent and passionate trainers with huge experience in inspiring students within customised learning domain.


100% result-oriented approach

We provide 100% result oriented, brain friendly approach which ensure the best outcome within a first few sessions. Our brain-friendly method supports to enrich the aspirant’s confidence level. In the first class itself students start to think in English strongly.


Flexible batches & durations

Swift English set each batch considering the convenient time of students. Our Institute operates All the Seven Days Classes, including weekend and evening batches.

Individual guidance to each student

Each batch consists of a small group size to ensure that the trainer can focus on the development of each student individually. This enables the learner to catalyse their learning process quickly

Customised packages

We customise each course package carefully so that each student can choose their packages in accordance with their requirements. We promise that each applicant will get special attention in all sessions.